The Best Online Anime Stores

Over a year ago, I made a small list of what I felt was the best online anime stores. You can say that this post is the updated version of that list because some of those stores don't exist or they have taken a turn for the worse.

Just Manga
Pro: the best selection for manga and a cool reward program
Con: it takes a while for the order to go through

Hobby Search
Pro: they are usually the first to have the products up for preorder
Con: you are pretty much forced to use EMS shipping and that is really expensive

Hobby Wave
Pro: a great selection of Gundam model kits and tools
Con: $10 flat rate shipping, meaning if you order something that cost $4, it will come out to $14. It's only good when doing big orders.

Hobby Link Japan
Pro: They have something for everyone when it comes to figures, giant robots, and air plane models.
Con: if you are first timer, it will seem little difficult to maneuver in the website

Pro: the best selection in H-games and the Japanese magazines
Con: it's a little difficult looking for things

Play Asia
Pro: the best selection on imported games, imported DVD and they ever have AV idol DVDs.
Con: once they sold out on a product, don't bother waiting for restock because it is never coming back.

Other sites I also recommend:
Right Stuf
Image Anime

So, which online anime stores do you shop at and if you have ordered before from any of these stores I listed, what was your experience with them?

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