Big May Preorders

I got some good news today, Hobby Search has become my ad client(they are renting ad space on my blog). They are very picky when it comes to renting ad space from blogs like for example, they want to know how many hit you get in a month(the more, the better) and if you ever had their banner on your blog(I never had their banner but I got lucky because I have all of those preorder posts linking to them). In celebration of that, I picked out the hottest preorders of the month of May.

Kagami Gym Uniform version by FREEing for the price of 11,581 Yen

Miyafuji Yoshika by Alter for the price of 7,410 Yen

Zange-Chan by FREEing for the price of 6,153 Yen

Yoko Real Image version by Max Factory for the price of 8,867 Yen

Excellent Model Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome by MegaHouse for the price of 6,460 Yen

Kujikawa Rise by Wave for the price of 6,460 Yen

Figma Mitsurugi Meiya: UN Troop version by Max Factory for the price of 2,533 Yen

Figma Sonsaku Hakufu by Max Factory for the price of 2,261 Yen

I'm glad to see a good looking Mayafuji figure because the last one that came out looks crappy and she has a huge camel toe that grossed out everyone. The real image Yoko figure looks fantastic but she is too expensive for my wallet right now. The only figure I preordered out of this list is Figma Sonsaku Hakufu because she is the only character I like from Ikki Tousen. So, what are you going to preorder from this list.

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