Complete Collection: Single Case Vs. Box Set

Well, I recently visited Best Buy while mother's day shopping just to take a quick look at the anime section of the store. I heard that the remastered DVD version of Berserk came out that week. I was expecting to find it in a box set format but I shock that it was released in a single DVD case. A trend that has been going on for the past year is that the surviving companies are releasing and re-releasing the anime they have rights to.

The companies that are selling the complete collections as single cases are Sentai Filmworks, Anime Works, and ADV. Most of these single cases don't have extras other than trailers for up coming anime. The prices are in between $19.99 to $29.99USD, which is pretty good for a complete collection.

The companies that are selling box sets are Viz Media, Bandai, and Funimation. Their box sets have great extras and packaging. The prices are in between $24.99 to $59.99USD, with prices like these, you are paying for packaging. Let me use Berserk as an example, The original box set that includes 6 discs, extra, and really nice packaging, that goes for $56.99USD. The new single case that includes 6 discs, remastered animation and audio, and extras, that goes for $29.99USD.

The anime companies realized that people are not buying single volume DVDs but they will wait for the complete collection because it's much cheaper(I do it all the time). So now they are releasing complete collections divided in parts to make a little more money, Welcome To The NHK is a great example of that. So, which of the complete collection do you like or dislike, single case or box set?

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