Done With Anime Magazines

Yesterday, I spent most of my day over at my college registering for the 2009 fall semester(I like to get things done early). While I was there, I sold the books I used last semester because I'm never going to use them again and someone else can use them. I got about $106 dollars for those books, when I paid over $600 dollars (that's the only thing I hate about college). Since there was a Barnes & Noble on my way back home, I decide to buy the latest issue of Otaku USA and let me say, it will be my last.

Otaku USA is the only anime magazine that I can locally buy but I don't feel like getting it anymore. Most of the information that this magazine has, I have already seen it somewhere else and/or I have wrote about it. Most of the articles that are in the magazine in on their website. The only reason why I would ever buy another issue of Otaku USA is if I like the poster that is included. I know that if you want to watch the full-length anime episode on their site, you need the "special" code but even that is flawed. I can easily go to the store, take a picture of the code with my camera phone and enjoy. However, if I'm feeling lazy, then I can just look up the code on the internet because they are all the same.

It was fun while it lasted

I have already wrote about how physical media is becoming a faded memory and it is because the power of the internet. I will still be visiting their website about it is really good and I approve of it.

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