Final Metrocon 2009 Update

This is my final Metrocon 2009 update until the day before the big event. It seems that this year's Metrocon is going to be awesome. There is going to be over 20 guests, over 50 panels, and 11 big events. For this year, they even extended the size of artist alley and the vendor's room, it is going to be epic.

This year, I did the smart thing and made a budget because last year I spent A LOT of money in the vendor's room. I made a list of anime, manga, and figures that really want and I also mark the booths that I would benefit the most from. This year, Best Buy and Borders Bookstore is going to be there and I'm lucky that I have their 10% off discount cards. I know for a fact that Toy Logic and Anime Pavilion have a great selection of figures.

I still have to work on the panels I'm hosting this year but beside that, I'm pretty much ready. With only 19 days left, the waiting game begins.

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