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First of all, I am not offering to stream anime on my blog. Since the invention of the Internet, anime because very easy to come by. You can pretty much go to Google and type into the search bar "free anime" and you will get thousands of site dedicated to streaming and downloading anime for free. However, is this convenience hurting the thing we love.

I'm not going to lie, I watch anime on the internet if it's not available in the U.S. but if I know that it's available, then I will buy it. When an anime series that I have already watched the fansubs comes out, I will buy because I like to support the industry in anyway. I spoken to old anime fans(by old, I mean old guys that have seen the growth of the anime industry)and they say that when anime got on the internet, it was both good and bad. It was good because anime can get noticed and become popular but it's bad because the sales of DVDs are dropping due to no one is buying.

I'm actually happy that many website are streaming anime legally for free, Youtube is a great example. In Youtube's animation and cartoon section, they have over 40 anime complete series(both subbed and dubbed) for free. I also watch anime and Japanese films on Crunchy Roll from time to time. I know that there are still some people out there who don't care about the industry. They only want to watch the latest episode of Naruto in a 3 part series of videos on Youtube. So, how and where do you get your anime?

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