Gundam Fix Up

For the last few days, I have been fixing up my Cross Bone Gundam. For some reason this master grade model kit's joints and sockets became loose in the matter of months. I also notice that the top coat I used on it got ugly after sometime. I first disassemble it and lightly sanded away the layer of top coat.

After a while the right leg peg became very loose compared to the other parts. I fixed it by applying white glue and letting dry, so when I insert the peg back into the socket, it will have a snug fit.

A few days later, it's complete.

the one thing I did not like about this model kit is the gun shown below, the crossbow design is a little bit of a turn off for me. I ended up removing the white parts and it looks like a pretty cool shotgun.

I bought some white fabric and made it look like the poncho that resembles the one that the Kai version of this model kit has. It looks too clean, what would be perfect to make it look worn out?

This will do the job

It looks badass

I while back I said that I would like to mod a Gundam model kit. After doing this, I decided that I will be modding this Cross Bone Gundam to give it the battle damaged look.

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