I Hate My Bank

For the last couple of days, I had some trouble with my bank, Bank of America. It was on Monday, some a**hole stole my bank information and spent a large undisclosed amount of my money. If it was my old self, I would had wished for him to see his entire family murdered in front of his eye, while having his skin peeled off slowly. However, I'm not going to wish him ill will, I'm going to let the universe take care of that because karma is a bitch. the one who I do have a problem is my bank.

Bank of America customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. I called and waited over an hour on the phone. When I finally get to speak to a person, she said it was not her department and hanged up on me even thou it was her department. Then the next morning, I called again and was told to have to visit one of their branches. When I got to the bank, I was told they can't do a thing and I have to call tomorrow. This is not the first time that I have gone through this hell with Bank of America, I hand some c*nt on the phone yelling at me just because she felt like it. The only time I do get some help from this bank is when I call in and get someone who is outside of the United States.

As soon as I get this problem fixed, I'm closing all of my accounts with them and joining the bank that my mother works at. I personally know everybody at that bank and they get stuff done. So, have you ever had any trouble with your bank or do you keep all of your money under a mattress?

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