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For the last month, I have been "studying" the content in idol DVDs. If you don't know what an idol is, click HERE. In Japan, The idol DVDs are a big thing in the idol otaku community and teen age guys who can't get real porn. Most idols get their big break in stardom just from these DVDs. In my opinion, these DVDs are a little boring.

If you are a Pervert, click here

The things that happens in most idol DVDs are usually the same thing. The girl just stands around wearing a swimsuit or some sexy outfit and you get to see it in different angles. If they want to spice things up, they give them something to play with like a ball. If it is an AV idol DVD, then you get to see them naked but everything else is the same.

I still don't understand the concept of idol culture even thou I wrote a post about it. These girls are willing to make a name for themselves by doing these DVDs. I'm not going to start talking about how this is demeaning to women because it's their choice to do these things and no one is making them. So, what do you think of idol culture and these DVDs?

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