K-On! Episode 5 Review

The new episode of K-on is here and it is getting better every week. In this episode of K-On!, there is crisis, a dark past than will never be forgotten, and some girl on girl action.

The episode starts out when the girls were rejected to perform at the school festival because they are not a real club. When I say they are not a real club is that Ritsu never turned in the club forms at the beginning of the school year. All the need is to find an adviser for the club.

The perfect choice for an adviser is the beautiful and young Sawako Yamanaka

Sawako kindly rejected them because she is already the adviser for the wind instrument club but Yui notice that Sawako looks somewhat familiar to the girl in the picture they discovered an episode ago.

Sawako ran as fast as she could to dispose of that said picture in the most epic scene I have seen in this anime

when she gets to the room, she finds out the picture is missing

"Is this what you are looking for?"

Sawako admitted that was her in the picture and that she was trying to act as the perfect teacher so no one would suspect of her have such a "dark" past.

Yui made the mistake of handing over her guitar to Sawako because when she has a guitar in her hands................

she turns into a guitar playing demon

She a master at speed picking


and she can even play the guitar with her teeth

lets get ready for a flashback

It all began 8 years ago when Sawako confess her feeling to some guy but she was turned down because she was not wild. She gave up on on being a model student to become..........


and even wilder

and even more wilder!!!!

but in the end, she was turned down again for overdoing it

Ritsu blackmailed Sawako by threatening her that Ritsu would pass out copies out of that picture and that is how Sawako became the light music club's advisor. Ritsu's plan backfired because Sawako told the girls that they suck and she is making them practice all the time to improve before the school festival.

We later learn that they don't have lyrics for the song they are going perform at the school festival. We finally get a chance to see Mio's room, she has a pretty sweet flat screen TV

Mio wrote some cute song that was inspired by Tsumugi's text message. Everyone wanted Mio to sing cause she was the one who wrote the song but did not want to due to her shyness.

Yui volunteered to sing but as expected she can't sing and play guitar at the same time.

Sawako took Yui and trained her personally for one week and her skills improved drastically

however, she lost her voice 3 days before the school festival

The episode ends with Mio freaking out that now she has no choice and that she must sing at the school festival

I would have to say that this was the funnies episode so far, I was laughing nonstop. The animation in the running scene was actually pretty good and it was pretty fluid. There was a small side story in this episode about Tsumugi. Through out the episode we start to believe that Tsumugi may have a crush on Sawako but in realty, Tsumugi finds it interesting when she sees people bonding.

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