K-On! Episode 6 Review

It is finally here, the school festival with the anticipated first performance of the light music club. Will all the effort of light music club pay off or will they fail?

The episode begins with Mio running around the school asking the other club member to practice before their performance. Everyone one turns her down because they are very busy working at food stands and haunted houses.

WARNING: this is episode will be focusing on Mio

Sawako made some cute outfits for the girls to wear for their performance

Sawako also made some "other" outfits, Tsumugi looks so cute in that nurse outfit

We later learned that Mio's shyness originated from Ritsu giving her a lot of unwanted attention like screaming in the middle of lunch that Mio is left handed and that it is so cool.

Introduce you to loli Mio

She has a great poker face but she is a nervous wreck

It's showtime, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3

She's on top of the world

Until she falls flat on her face with her panties exposed to the world

Striped panties, I was expecting plain white

I found it funny how the girls just stood there doing nothing

The episode end with Mio being traumatized, poor thing

Nothing big happened in this episode other than the performance but even that was a disappointment. I would have like see them perform at the school festival but we get is music video. The music video would have been nice if it was an extra on the DVD. I have a feeling that most of the people who have been waiting for this episode are probably pissed off.

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