K-On! Episode 7 Review

Merry Christmas to all and all a good, wait a minute, it's the middle of May. Why am I writing about Christmas in May? Well, episode 7 of K-On! is the obligatory Christmas episode that comes standard while most slice-of-life anime series.

The episode starts with Ui reminiscing about a particular Christmas when she was very young. During that Chrismas, Ui wanted snow to be her present from Santa. Yui being the nice older sister that she is, she rips open a pillow and throws the stuffing all over the front of their home to give her younger sister that white Christmas she wanted. In present time, Yui and Ui are headed to school and they both notice that they need new winter apparel(Yui needs a new pair of gloves and Ui needs a new scarf).

This is too cute
Ritsu gets a great idea of having a party at Tsumugi's house and charging admission of 1,000 per person. That idea goes down the drain when Tsumugi tells her that there is already a party happening that day. Yui says that they can have the party at her house because her parents left to Germany.

The worst parents in the world
The girls meet up while shopping for presents and they try their chance at lucky at playing the lottery. Everyone losses but Tsumugi wins a trip to Hawaii. However, Tsumugi is so pure that she trades the trip for a board game that she can play with her friends.

let me step aside in this review for a minute. I find Yui and Ui relationship interesting because the role reversal. In most anime, the older sister is the responsible one that does all of the house work and the younger sister is the airhead that can't do anything right. If anyone who does not know a thing about K-On! and saw the image below, they would think that Ui is the older sister and Yui is the younger one.

Yui, future drunk
Back to the review, The girls eat, drink, and have fun. Some how, Sawako sneaked into Yui's home to join the party.

From this scene alone sparked over thousands of Sawako X Mio yuri H-doujinshi

The girls start pasting out the present in a Russian roulette kind of way. The good this is that Yui and Ui got the presents they meant to give to each other originally.

Sawako's "special" talent is slapping her stomach and leaving a red mark, that is something I did not want to learn about her.

From this scene alone sparked over thousands of Yui X Ui yuri incest doujinshi
A few days later, it is new years day and they visit the local shrine to pray for good fortune and all that nice stuff. We learn that Yui did not gain any weight during the break and it angers Tsumugi( she gained some weight, number undisclosed).

Tsumugi looks cuter when angry

Here is a cute shot of Mio in a kimono

I liked this episode because it had some really funny moments that got me by surprise. I also liked that this episode also developed Ui's character and showed us the kind of close relationship that Yui and Ui have. So, what did you think of this episode?

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