K-On! Episode 8 Review

After a feel good and funny episode last week, this week is was been toned down for a reason. A new school year, new students and cute new girl is in this episode of K-On!

The episode begins with Ui finding out that she got accepted to the same high school that her older sister attends. The funny thing is that Yui was the one who was nervous while Ui was finding out the results.

Now that the girls from the light music club are second year students, that means that they are getting new homerooms. Ritsu, Yui and Tsumugi end up together but........................

Mio is all alone but at least she has Nodoka in the same classroom as her.
Since it's a new school year, that means that there is a new batch of freshmen looking for a club to join. The light music club is trying to attract to people to join their club by using different tactics by dressing up as............



and track suits
The one person that went to check out the light music club was a girl that Ui took to the room. She did like it but it was not for her.

There is still one way they can attract new members and they're good at it, playing some music

After playing a couple of songs and gained some new fans, they managed to get one new member


About damn time we actually get see them perform and not being replaced by some music video. I did find some part in this episode to be funny but the rest is somewhat forgettable. In reality this episode is just a set up for next week's episode to introduce the new girl.

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