K-On! Episode 9 Review

It has come, an episode focusing on the new club member, Azusa Nakano. We know nothing about her other than she joined the light music club in the last episode. This episode contains tears, rage, cat ears, and hell of a lot of moe.

Azusa's is a guitarist and a self proclaimed beginner, even thou can she channel the soul of Jimmy Page and Kurt Cobain when she touches a guitar. She is very small and shy, you can call her mini Mio.

On her first official day as a club member, she felt very uncomfortable. She thought it was weird that her club members only sat around eating sweets and sipping tea. She tried to motivate them by picking her guitar to practice but ended up getting yelled at by Sawako. Azusa curled into a small ball looking like she was crying but she went berserk. Azusa started yelling how it is a music club and it's not ok to eat cake, until Yui calms her down.

It ok little one


I'm waiting for Yui X Azusa H-doujinshi

"All I want to do is practice"

Sawako got Azusa a present, cat ears

Ok, she looks cute but can she seal the deal?


Azusa was so cute that she was nicknamed, Azu-nyan

For a moment, Mio felt left out from the fun because all of the focus is on Azusa

That poor child is being tame to be the club's pet

The girls are starting to worry because they think that Azusa is going to quit due to they don't practice, so they go on a picnic to fix that.

Azusa, Sawako's new plaything
Since there is now 2 guitarist in the club, a lead has to be picked. Let me just say in the end, Yui asked Azusa for some help.

"This is my turf, you got that?"

Azusa felt that the club is a waste of time and she went out looking for a band to join.

A few days had past and Azusa was not attending any club meetings. The girls felt it was their fault that Azusa stopped going to the club because all they did was goofing around.

Azusa questioned herself why she join the club in the first place. Mio gave her a small speech on fun and friendship. In the end, Azusa stayed in the club.

This episode was pretty funny and it even had a touching moment. Azusa is really cute but to me she feels like a small and flat chested version of Mio. I did notice that she does cry for everything which after a while it may become boring to me. I also liked that they changed the animation on the opening to include Azusa in it. so, what did you think of this episode of K-On!?

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