Leaning Figure

I discovered something awful that no figure collector would ever want, I have a leaner. I found out yesterday when I was dusting my figures that my Saki Kasikabe figure was leaning pretty bad. You must be thinking to yourself "how did you not notice it was leaning?". Well, since my figures are displayed right in front of me and I see them everyday, I really did not see any change. Now it's time to fix her.

It is very simple to fix a leaning figure, all you need is very hot water(not boiling) and cold water. First dip the part of the figure that warped for about 20 seconds; If you go over that, you may ruin the figure. Then you bend and hold the warped part back to its original state and dip it into the cold water.

A couple of minutes later and she is back to how she was when I first bought her.

I remember seeing on other blogs that people had leaning figures and I always thought to myself that would never happen to me. However, it did and I learned that not to say never. So, have you ever had a leaning figure or are you lucky that you don't?

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