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I have been having some trouble lately with my current figure photography lighting setup. The problem was that it took me about 30 minutes to adjust the lamps, the diffuser and the reflectors to get the right lighting. It was annoying for me sometimes and I started looking for an alternative. I came across a light tent but those cost over $100 dollars. So, I made my own using regular household items.

You will need masking tape, a big cardboard box, white paper, and white fabric.
First remove the top of the box. Then cut out a rectangle with a 2 inch border on the side of the box. For the front, do the same but for the bottom, remove it.

This is how it looks if you did it right
Then cut out strips of white paper and glue it all over the inside of the the box. Get some white fabric and cut it to the right size to cover the holes and use the masking tape to hold it in place.

Make a cover out the fabric for the top hole and make sure it can be easily removed. Don't forget to have a background ready for the light box.

You will only need one lamp with daylight light bulb and place it on the top

Here are some test shots of me using this light box

What I like about the light box is that when you use a white background, it has a floating effect to it. Honestly, I think that the light box has much better lighting than my old setup. I'm still going to use my old setup from time to time because with the light box, I can't get dark shots. So, what kind of lighting setup do you use when you do your figure photograhpy?

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