Member's "News" Rant Part 3

Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it!. I really, really did not want to do another member's news rant but I can't keep it bottled in anymore. For the last 3 weeks I have seen people abuse the hell out member's news with so much crap. Before I start this rant, I want you to know that I have nothing against Danny because I respect him but I do have a problem with the people who abuse member's news.

A while back in a comment I left in one of Jayman's post, I said that nowadays many people are joining just to promote their own blog. I'm seeing all of these new people join and then the start leaving comments like crazy just so they can get the ability to make member's news posts. Hell, the other day I saw some guy make a member's news post and then at the end of the post he had "visit my blog at ***** and my Youtube page at *****" even thou the links to his blog had nothing to do with the post. However, I saw some justice happen before my eyes, Danny left a comment telling the guy to remove those links or he will delete the post. That made my day. The only time it is ok to leave a link of your blog in a member's news post is if it's related to the post.

I have seen people make post there and using someone else work and saying it's their own. When I see people not give credit where credit is due, it angers me. There is one person on that site who has used pictures from Super Rat's figure photo shoots and said it is his own, not once but twice. On the first time, I told the guy to give credit to Super Rat for the pictures and Dancing Queen even provided a link to the photo shoot but this jerk ignored it. I consider people like that to be scum of the earth.

Jagi is giving the finger to the idiots who abuse member's news

The last thing that pisses me off are the morons who post about stupid sh*t. About a 2 weeks ago, I saw someone make a post on how he bought a 1 dollar mechanical pencil, yeah this is crap that is flooding DC member's news. The sad thing is that people will continue to abuse member's news. So, what is your opinion on the debacle known as member's news?

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