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I finally got my business cards and they are sweet. I have been meaning to get some since last year but I forgot about it. During that time, one of my readers made the design for it which was cool but it had anime characters on it and I wanted to avoid any copyright issues. I asked my favorite artist and great blogger, Chun to design my business cards because she is the one who redesigned my mascot and did a fantastic job.

Originally, I was going to print the cards myself but for some reason the cards came out crappy. So, I ordered my cards from the online printing store Vista Print. I got 250 cards for $7.73 with a glossy finish but shipping is a little expensive.

Here is my business card, I think it looks great. I also bought a metal business card holder but it only holds 12 cards, what a rip off.

I'm planning to use these cards to help me network at Metrocon. So, who has business cards and/or are you going to get them soon?

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