New Comment Box and Some Luv

For over a year, I had mediocre comment box that worked ok but it was not the best when compared to the Wordpress comment box. That comment box had a little glitch of not going through the first time when you clicked "submit comment" and I had over 100 people in a span of a year emailing about that problem. However, I found the perfect solution.

It all started when I visited CommentLuv for the fun of it and I notice a post there about JS-Kit comment box for Blogger. JS-Kit is a website that has a lot of features that one can use to improve their websites but they are better known for their comment box. I added the comment box but it was still a little bad when it comes to user friendly. While I was still on CommentLuv, I saw there was a post on how to customize the JS-Kit comment box with the CommentLuv widget integrated within it.

About 1 hour later, I give you the final product which you can see below. Thank goodness that I found that new comment box because I was about to switch to Wordpresss just for the comment box because I know that some of my readers hated the old comment box. So, what do you think is better, the new comment box or the old one?

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