Otaku Work Out 2

Evey summer vacation, I gain weight and it sucks. What can I say, being an anime fan is not the most active hobby around. I am most active when college in going on but during those 3 months, everything goes downhill. Instead of gaining that weight and then lose it late, I'm taking care of the problem early.

A couple of days ago, I visited my local thrift shop to look for working exercise equipment. I found a stationary bike that looks crappy but works as if it was new(it seems that it was not used that often) and it only cost $15 dollars. On the first day I tried using it but after 10 minutes, I was done. Then the next day, I was playing Sonic the Hedgehog while pedaling away and notice that I was on that bike for about an hour. It seems that I was so distracted by playing video games that I did not feel tired when I was done.

From now on since I'm not going to be doing anything, I'm just going to work out while playing videos games and watching anime on my TV. Right now, I'm trying to find out how I can update my Wii's flash player so I can watch other video steaming sites so I can watch anime while making my body stronger. Last time I made a working out post, I was doing it to get something awesome out of it but this time, I'm doing it for my health. So, do you work out and how often?

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