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About 3 weeks ago, I made an order from Hobby Link Japan during the time they had that special figure sale. I only bought a figure because I have been saving my money for some stuff and I like to buy at least one figure a month. Then today I saw that HLJ is have an awesome sale in celebration of their 1 anniversary of their Japanese-language site.

While there, I saw about 4 figures That I really want but I'm saving money for the Metrocon dealer's room and a new computer. For those who have not been reading my blog for a long time, I have a really crappy and outdated laptop that is about die on me at any moment. I'm have been slowly saving for a new one and I just have enough money to buy one but I want to save more money.

By the way, I bought Yoko Swimsuit version figure

I am tempted to buy a couple of figures from that sale but I have to keep in mind that saving money is more important right now. Anyways, I bet that I'm going to find some of those figures at Metrocon and I still have to buy those older figures I missed out on. So, what goodies are you going to buy at that HLJ sale?

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