Banpresto is Alright

I believe that one of the most underrated figure line would have to be Banpresto. Banpresto is a Japanese development firm that focuses on prizes for UFO machines and they are currently owned by Bandai. With so many expensive figure in the market and a crappy economy, Banpresto is a cheap alternative.

This is the only Banpresto figure that I have and I like it
Banpresto have a gashapon feel to them because they come in small box and you have to do some very easy assembly. The quality is not the greatest but it's ok. The one thing I don't like is that most of their figure have the same round black base but even that can be overlooked. I bet you are wondering how much they cost, the starting is 1,450 Yen.

The one thing that you should not pay attention to are the preview pictures because they tend to look ugly. When you finally have the figure in your hands, it looks much better. So, do you own any Banpresto figures or are they beneath you?

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