Camera Mounted Reflector Tutorial

I was looking for a special reflector that can be mounted on a camera. I did find some but they are pretty expensive and it was only for DSLR cameras. I found a pretty sweet DIY Camera Mounted reflector over at Tsuki Board. All you need for this little project is a Styrofoam plates, masking tape, pen, and a boxcutter.

This is pretty easy to make this reflector, just figure out the diameter of the lens and cut. After you're done cutting the hole, use the masking tape to hold plate reflector on the camera.

It took me 3 tries to get the right size

This is the final product. Sorry for the crappy picture, I had to use my old camera for the shot

Without reflector

With reflector

If you can see in the pictures above, it does work very well. Since now that I'm using a light box, this helps a lot by removing unwanted shadows. So, do you find this tutorial helpful?

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