Cleaning Figures

If you have been reading my tweets, I posted that I found Portrait of Pirates Series 4: Nami Version 2 for a low price. She was being sold at a high price but I managed to haggle the price down due to there was not box and the figure was covered in scratches. When I got home, I did some further inspections. Those where not scratches but paint that got rubbed on her.

I used some cotton balls and rubbing alcohol to remove some of the paint. The paint that was hard to remove, I use my trusty orange box cutter. I slowly and carefully peeled away that unwanted paint.

With a little bit of work, she is good as new

I'm happy that I made the decision to get this figure because she is very hard to find at a cheap price nowadays. If you are planning to clean a figure in that sort of way, rubbing alcohol works well but you must use a little force. Don't be afraid that some of the original paint comes off.

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