Figma Tsuruya-San Maid Ver. Photo Shoot

It has been over a month since I have done a figure photo shoot. I'm doing my return to the scene with Figma Tsuruya-San School Festival Maid version by Max Factory. I was originally going to get the regular version of Figma Tsuruya-San however, I was captivated by the cuteness of this figure. I do like that this figure brings some great accessories but to keep them on the tray, I had to use glue dots. What I notice about both variations of Tsuruya-San is that if you are a hardcore figma fan, you would have to buy 2 of each. I say this because the first Tsuruya-San brings Emiri's head and the second one brings a hair piece made for Mikuru, meaning that you need a body meant for those parts. Well, let me quit the chit-chat and give you this great Photo shoot.

"You like them big, don't you?"

My favorite shot

If you are interested in buying this figure, Hobby Search is selling her for 2,261 Yen.

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