Hyping Anime

I recently picked up Macross Frontier. I wanted to watch it when it was popular but there was too much hype around it. I'm the kind of person who waits for the hype of an anime to die down before I watch it. My reason behind that is when something is getting so much hype, one already expects something from it but if it does not meet those expectations then one feels shorthanded.

I have met people who end up hating an anime just because of the hype it's getting even thou they have not seen it. I understand why someone would hate an anime because it did not meet their expectations but hating for being popular makes no sense.

Here is a random picture of Alf holding a cat

Maybe that's the reason why I tend to blindly pick a new anime to watch because I have nothing to expect from it other than for it to entertain me. So, do you listen to all the hype of an anime or do you ignore it all?

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