K-On! Episode 10 Review

Finally, K-On! has made it to double digit. I was actually looking forward to this episode because after the emotional ending of the preview episode, I wonder how this one was going to be. This episode contains Tanned girls, a loli, and Mio in a swimsuit.

The episode begins with Ui and Azusa hanging out during their break. Azusa was pretty much talking about everyone in the club. Ritsu saw them in the restaurant and joined them. They went to Ui's home to eat watermelon and found Yui on the floor doing nothing.

Yui and Ritsu went to invite Sawako to the training camp but she did not give an answer fast enough before Yui and Ritsu left.

At this training camp, Tsumugi could not get the big summer home, they got this "small" one. the funny thing is that this summer home is much larger that than the last one.

Tsumugi looks so cute when she's crying

I had to include this shot because Azusa looks like a little kid

I also had to include this shot for obvious reasons

It's funny that she is the only who got tanned

While the girls where getting ready to practice, we learn that Yui has perfect pitch. For those who don't know, perfect pitch is an ability that musicians learn how to tune an instrument without the help of a tuner. Yui will never cease to amaze me.
When they here getting dinner ready, Mio and Azusa where making rice balls. Ritsu being who she is, made Mio feel self conscious about the size of her hands.

You know what say about people with big hands, they wear big gloves.

After have their meal and playing with fireworks, Ritsu comes up with the idea of a test of courage. The girls split up into teams and walk around in a near by forest.

Holy crap, what is this?

Mio looks like she has just finished seeing 2 girls, 1 cup

Oh, it just Sawako. She was going to surprise the girls by crashing into their training camp but got lost on the way.

Fan Service

When everyone else was sleeping, Yui was practicing and Azusa joined her. I'm still waiting to see Yui X Azusa H-doujin.

Back to where we started

Fun time and great memories

In an overall, this was a pretty funny episode. The Mio being scared half to death was my favorite scene. The one thing I did not like is that this episode did not have that many scenes with Mio in a swimsuit.

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