K-On! Episode 11 Review

This is the second to last episode of K-On! and it was great. This episode starts out being funny and wacky however it takes a turn on drama street.

The episode starts out with everyone reminiscing about the last School festival they performed at. Just like last year, Ritsu forgot to turn in the performance application. While filling out the application, the club realized that they don't have a band name and they were passing around name ideas. Somehow they get distracted when Yui mentioned that guitar has not been working right.

Yui has never changed the strings of her guitar. Azusu Asked Yui if she evens takes care of her guitar. Yui does take care of her guitar by......................

Sleeping with it

and dressing it up
The girls decided to go to their local music shop to have the strings changed. Mio gets distracted by some nice left handed basses(which in the real life, they are going to sell like hotcakes).

When the shop keeper got Yui's guitar in his hands, he thought it was a vintage. When the guitar was getting fixed, Yui said the funniest thing, her guitar is getting deflowered.

Finally, Yui gets her guitar back but there was a small problem, she thought the service was free. For her to get her strings changed, it costed her 5000 Yen and she had no money with her. luckly the music store is owned by Tsumugi's family and the service was free.

By the way, Yui's guitar is called Gitah
When they were leaving the store, Ritsu went to fetch Mio. Mio was somewhat acting like a child because she was intrigued by those left handed basses. In the struggle to get Mio out of the store, she fell. Ritsu came up with the idea of getting a tea but Mio turned her down because she is meeting up with Nodoka and Yui tagged along.

blah blah blah

Look who's spying on them

Ritsu did somethings that really annoyed Mio and they started yelling at each other.

Azusa used her cuteness to stop the hostile atmosphere and it worked. However, the damaged was done and Ritsu left early.

This is the first time we get to see Ritsu having an emotion other than happy and hyper
A few days have pasted and Ritsu has not attended school since that day. They start talking about getting a replacement drummer but Tsumugi was against it and she knew that Ritsu would be back.

Mio when to Ritsu's classroom to say she is sorry for what happened. At that moment, Yui and Tsumugi had great news for Mio, Ritsu was sick for all those days. After school, Mio when to visit Ritsu and there was a heartwarming scene.

she looks so cute

You know what, let me retract that previous statement

Mio stayed until Ritsu fell asleep

She back and full of power

But she forgot to turn in the application and the deadline has pasted. Nodoka convinced student council president to give them an extension because their club leader was sick for the last couple of days.

We are back to square one, they still don't have a band name and took to long to pick a name. Sawako snapped named the band.................

After School Tea Time

This is the first time that we get some actual drama from this anime. I have always wonder the dynamic of Ritsu and Mio's friendship. Even thou her yell and tease each other, they are still great friends.

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