Metrocon 09

For the last few days, I was attending Florida's largest anime convention, Metrocon. Let me just say I had such a great time but I'm so tired right now. So many awesome things happened at this con and let me tell what happened from the start.

I left home and drove for about 3 hours. I got to my hotel around 10:00 AM and calmly waited to register. While I was in line to get my badge, I met some really cool people and hanged out with them during the con. I did some shopping and spent A LOT of money there. I did some volunteer work(human traffic cone) at the vendor's room. Late in the evening, I hosted my Gundam panel. That panel was so much fun and I had a blast. Special thanks to my 2 co-hosts, you guys helped me so much.

Vendor's room
I woke up at 5:00 AM because my right leg from the knee down was in so much pain. It must of been from the driving, all the walking, and standing I did the day before. The pain did not wear off until around noon. My blogging panel went very well but not that many people attend it because my panel has schedule at the same time as the highlight of the convention, The Metrocon cosplay chess match. I did met the sweetest and nicest girl at the con, she was one to the few people who was at my panel.

This was the Cosplay Challenge contest, making a costume in 10 hours is incredible. My hats off to the finalists.

Gaming room. I liked how they set up the room, instead of hard plastic chairs, it had some really comfy couches.

This year's badge

not much happened on Sunday, it was mainly parents taking their really young children to the con. I ended up leaving early due to the fact that I was feeling very tired. This year's Metrocon was so much better than last year and I so much fun. I made the decision that I'm going to be attending next year's Metrocon.

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