No More Heroes 2

About six months ago, the first No More Heroes 2 trailer was released. It was pretty cool but it was very vague because all it showed was Travis walking and at the end he says he will be back. At that time there where rumors that EA was going to be publishing the new NMH game and that it was going to come out on the PS3 and XboX 360, which a lot of fans felt abandoned. With rumors set aside, it will be publish by Xseed Games (the same guys who published Retro Game Challenge) on the Wii.

I will admit that I'm a big fan of Suda 51's work, one of my favorite game that he worked on is Killer7. I did enjoy the first NMH even thou some parts of the game were repetitive(damn side jobs).

After I saw the new trailer of NMH 2, I was pretty excited because this trailer gave some new information. 3 years after the events of the first game, Travis left the UAA and he fell to the rank of number 51(reference to Suda 51) best assassin in the organization. The theme of this game is revenge. Is someone getting revenge for the 10 assassins and countless people Travis killed or is it Travis getting revenge for someone special. We really don't know until the game comes out.

So, did you play No More Heroes and what do you think of it?

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