Queen's Blade Figure Preorders

I'm a big fan of the original Queen's Blade games by Hobby Japan. When I heard that Queen's Blade anime series was coming, I was ecstatic. However, the first couple of episodes sucked but over time it did get better. Now that QB became popular again in Japan, a lot of new figures are being released, lets take a look at a few of them.

Echidna special edition version by MegaHouse for the price of 5,700 Yen

Ultra vibration valkyrie Mirim by MegaHouse for the price of 5,985 Yen

Combat instructor Allean by Griffon Enterprises for the price of 7,410 Yen

Revoltech Queen's Blade series No. 002 Airi by Kaiyodo for the price of 2,623 Yen

Wandering soldier Leine DX color version by Griffon Enterprises For the price 5,605 Yen

Commander of imperial guards Elina by Griffon Enterprises for the price of 7,220 Yen

I notice that Griffon Enterprises releasing a lot of QB figures. To be honest, I prefer the MegaHouse QB figures because they were originally releasing QB figures a few years back. the one figure I did preorder is the Revoltech Airi figure because to me she looks cute. So, which Queen's Blade figures are you going to preirder or are you going to past it up?

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