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It has been a long time that I have made a video game post. For this post I will be reviewing the DS game, Retro Game Challenge. RGC is base of the the Japanese TV show, Retro Game Master. The story of the game is simple, you are sent back to the 1980's and the only way to get to the present is to beat the video game challenges that Demon Arino gives you.

Since you are in the 80's, all of the games have 8 bit graphics. What I like about this game is that you are stuck in the past for10 years and as the the years go by, the newer games have better graphics. What is nostalgic about this game is that, you get video game magazines and the in these magazines you can get cheat codes. You can't just go to option and turn it on, you have to press a sequence of buttons in a certain order to activate them. Lets talk about the games. These are not some stupid mini games, these are full fledged games. There are 8 games in total and they are:
Cosmic Gate(shooter)
Haggleman 1, 2, and 3(platform)
Rally King and Rally King SP(racing)
Star Prince(shotter)
Guadia Quest(RPG)

RGC cost only $29.99 dollars(plus tax)and its a steal because you are getting 8 fun games for a low price. These is a sequel for this game which in set in the 1990's but there's a possibility that it won't be released due to it was not recognized in the gaming community. So, who is planning to get this great game?

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