Shintaro Kago

I was recently looking for new Junji Ito manga to read. While doing that, I came across some Shintaro Kago manga. I have never read any of his manga before, I thought he was a horror manga artist but I was wrong. Shintaro Kago is really a guro manga artist and now I can't remove those images from my mind.

This is the only mild image that I found of an example of his work

Kago's work very interesting even thou most of his manga series contains very graphic extreme sex, gore like there's no tomorrow, and other screwed up things that I don't want to mention. I think people would be calling him a sick f*ck if he did not add a social satirical twist to his manga. What I do like about him is that he plays with the manga panels layout, his art style is great, and breaks the fourth wall in a artist fashion. Below is a list his manga that I recommend to read and to stay away.

Recommend to read:
The Big Funeral
Hara Kiri
Blow Up
Everything's Peaceful

Recommend to stay the hell away from because it will destroy your mind:
Drafting a Water Goddess
Head Prolapse Elegy
Fetus Collection
Mr. Urashima
Olympics in Front of the Station

If you are planning to read these, all I can wish you is good luck. So, should I stop reading obscure manga before I do some serious damage to my mind?

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