A Tired System

A few days ago, when I was rewatching Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, there was a weird sound coming from my TV. I thought it was my subwoofer that got disconnected. When I was checking the cables, everything looked just fine but mistake I pressed the reset button. The sound was coming from my PS2.

I opened up my PS2 and found out that it was overheating due to the fan's motor burned out. Luckily, I have an extra PS2 that does not read discs but the other parts work just fine and I replaced the fan. This is not the first my PS2 broke down, many years ago the disc tray got jammed and I had it repaired. I was a little sad to know that the first video game system I ever bought with my own money almost died. If you have notice, I'm the type of person who will repair something until it can't be repaired anymore.

My DS lite has been acting up as well. For some reason at times it will not read the game cartridge and I have to blow air into the slot. I wonder what it could be. So, what do you do when your electronics breakdown?

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