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So, you are a figure collector and you don't have a blog to show the world you impressive collection of figures and model kits. Then Tsuki Board is the place for you. Tsuki Board is a website that has a database of figures here one can list the figure they own, ordered, and wished in their profile. One can say, this is the facebook of figure collecting.

once you made an account at TB, you can upload the pictures of your figures, join clubs, and interact with other users. Adding figures on your virtual collection is simple, you can look up your figure by name, series of origin, or by manufacturer.

What I like the most about this site is that users has the power to help make TB better. Anyone who has an account can add figures that are not in the database, meaning that you don't have the right to complain that your favorite figure is not there. For those who are afraid of bootlegs, TB also has a list of figures that have been made into bootlegs.

This is my account, it is not as great as others but I like it.

The main reason why I like TB is because before I ever knew about this site, I would buy figures without think twice about it or I would forgot about it. With the wishlist, I can pick the figure I really want and check back if I have bought it yet. So, do you have a Tsuki Board account?

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