Bleach Season 3 Box Set Review

When I was out doing some grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, I saw the brand new Bleach season 3 box set. I thought that this box set was not going to be out until August. I decided to treat myself to it due to the fact that I already own the last 2 season box sets and I'm a fan of the show. Let's check out this review.

Even the inside of the box set cover has artwork
The DVD extras have improved drastically. In my previous season 1 and 2 reviews, I pointed out that every disc from their corresponding box set has the same extras. This time they have different trailers and production art for every disc. However, physical extras have taken a turn for the worst. In the past, the box sets included posters, sticker, and "limited" edition trading cards. This box set only has 2 post cards .

If you also bought this box set, I want to know if you got the same post cards as I did or are they different?

The artwork for the box set is just covers for the single volume DVDs

If you are going to buy this box set, buy it at Wal-Mart or Amazon. The price is $34.99 U.S. dollars. I have seen this box set go for at least $50 U.S. dollars at other major stores. The one thing that does disappoint me is how frequent the box sets are being released. It used to be every 6 months, but this time it was almost a year.

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