The Conduit Review

If you notice, I did not make a post yesterday. The reason behind that is because I playing the brand new shooter for the Wii, The Conduit. There was a lot of hype behind this game because it was awarded the best shooting game on the Wii by IGN back in 2008. That is like being the best at being mediocre.

You play as Michael Ford, an agent who saved the president from danger and they make you into some super agent. The Earth is invaded by aliens and there is a terrorist organization is making some mind control chemical and you have to stop them. The "interesting" thing is that the U.S. government screws you over and you end up joining the terrorist. Oh yeah, there's some stupid technological orb you use for stuff.

there pretty good for the Wii.

AAAGGGHHH. Let me make it clear, they suck. You are forced to use the Wii remote and nunchuk, that means certain actions you make will get the character's camera angle jammed. I wish that they could have the option to use the classic controller or the Gamecube controller.

The gameplay is good for a first person shooter game on the Wii. High Voltage(the company who made this game) tries to make this game different by adding puzzles. These puzzles are fairly easy and somewhat forgettable. The action elements do feel easy but what I do like is that the difficulty curve will spike up out of nowhere.

This game does not have co-op and I'm glad it does not. It does have online multiplay and that is where most of the fun comes from. You can spend hours playing different game mode and leveling up you ranks.

Final Thought:
The Conduit does have somewhat of charm to it due to it's one of the few fun FPS games on the Wii. This game is lucky that it came out only for the Wii because if it was released on any other console, it would have sucked. If you have $50 dollars to spend and 10 hours to kill, The Conduit is the game for you. Come to think about, I should bought MadWorld instead. Damn it.

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