Dating as an Otaku

If you guessed by the title, I'm currently dating a very nice girl. How we met was interesting, she attended the blogging panel I hosted at Metrocon. Every single time our eyes would meet, I would lose my train of thought. After my panel was over, I gathered some courage and asked her if she wanted to hang out with me for the rest of the day, she said yes. We talked and had a good time. When the day ended, we exchanged cell numbers and emails. We did some more talking and we confessed to each other.

I personally think it's better to date someone who is into the same hobby as you because they already understand were you're coming from. I have dated women who are not anime fans and let me tell you, it's a pain. I pretty much tell them to piss off because if you can't understand my hobby, then they won't understand me. I have actually have not been watching that much anime since I have been her dating this girl. It seems I'm losing my otaku roots, lol.

By the way, my girlfriend is going to start writing posts here once a week. So, how is the dating scene for you?

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