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When it comes to figures, 99% of them will bring a display base. These bases will do one of two things. Either be a visual ascetic or it will just help the figure stand up straight. The one thing that figure collectors will worry about is how much space the base will take up.

In my opinion, I like bases that that are big enough to display the figure on. I really don't like when I buy a figure and find out that display base is way too big for the figure. I feel that a big base is nothing but trouble. It takes up a lot of important space and all of that extra plastic could have been used for something else.

that is a big base

Good base: The figure fits fine and it does not take up that much space.

Bad base: It's too big and it takes up needed space.

I know that I can get rid of the display base that is there just for decoration, but in a way, you are a forced to use it. Let me use my Kallen figure for example. I stored away that figure's base. After some time went by, her knees started getting scratched up. I did not want my figure to get damaged, so I had to use that base again. I think that I'm going to either buy some smaller bases over at E2046 or make my own.

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