Figure Shelf Savers

Recently, all my figure shelves are full. I have been looking at some nice display cases and shelves over at Ikea and The Container Store. I would have bought some new shelves right away but my expensive college books come first. I noticed that I can make extra space by pushing figures to the back; however, I can't see them.

I got the idea of making a stand for the figures in the back. I was originally going to make the stand out of wood, but it's too heavy. Then I thought of using cardboard, but it would look ugly and I don't trust cardboard. Then it hit me, CD jewel cases. They look good. They are sturdy but light and, I have a ton of them that I don't use.

Might as well use them for something.

Now that's what you call space saving.

Now that I'm using those "stands", my entire collection is taking up half the space. If you are wondering, it took about 120 CD jewel cases. One more thing, I'm opening my blogroll and if I'm on your blogroll, tell me.

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