Growing Collection

Just like any collecting hobby, the collection is bound to grow. When I started buying figures, I told myself that I would only own a few figures. Well, that plan went out the window the moment I got my first figure.

If you can see in the above, you will notice that I'm starting to run out of space. I have wanted to buy some more nendoroids, but I feel that it would take up needed space for larger figures. The only place in my room I can display my figures would be on the top of my clothes drawer. I have been planning to invest in a glass display case. There are 2 that I like: KLINGSBO and the DETOLF. The Klingsbo looks elegant and it has 5 shelf levels, but the shelves height cannot be adjusted. The Detolf is a fan favorite in the otaku community and the price is cheaper but it only has 4 levels.

This is the only place a display case would fit in my room.

So, where do you display your figures? Are they on a shelf or in a display case?

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