Leaning Figure, Again

A few days ago I was out doing some stuff and when I get back home I discovered my Saki Kasikabe figure on the ground. I freaked out because she fell off the top shelf of mine, which is a 6 foot(1.82 Meter) drop. When I picked her up to see if anything was broken, I found out she was leaning, again.

This is how I found her.
I quickly fixed her with the hot and cold water method, just like last time. Now I know that this problem may happen again with this figure and I need a way to prevent that. I thought of inserting small metal rods into her legs but I didn't feel confident doing that. Then it hit me, instead of inserting metal rod, I'm just going to wrap her legs up.

She looks like a metal bondage slave

I'm currently testing out if this idea works. Only time will tell if this method is the permanent solution. If you own this figure, does yours lean as well or am I just unlucky?

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