Leaning Figure: Final Solution

Look who it is again with the leaning problem. I have this leaning problem with this figure since May. Last week, I did try to fix her with metal wires wrapped around the ankles to hold her in place. I'm tired of this figure leaning forward and falling off my shelf. I decided to do some figure surgery.

Appropriate sized drill bit
Needle nose pliers
Hot water
Ice cubes
Small hammer (not in the picture)

What I did was that I drilled the bottom of her foot around the area where the ankle meets. When you start drilling, do not go all out. Start slowly and increase the speed little by little.

Remember to soak her legs in the hot water so the PVC become very soft.

This is the small metal rod I inserted to her.

After I did the drilling, I softly hammered the metal rod in the hole.

With a little bit of cement to cover up the hole and paint,the bottom looks good as new.

This is the last time I'm modding this figure. If I see her lean one more time, I'm blasting her out of a cannon. I should have done this the first time I saw her leaning.

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