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Today is going to be a personal blog post, which I have not done in a while. I'm really sorry that I missed a post yesterday. I was way too tired to do a thing. For the last few days I have been helping out an elderly couple move to a new home. They originally offered to pay me, but I refused because I was not doing it for the money. I was doing it out of the kindness of my heart. Bad choice. They took advantage of that by making me dig out 20 small palm trees, drive the trees to the new house, and replanting them. My everything hurts and I think I had a heat stroke.

If you are bored, just look at the pretty girl below
I also bought my books for the upcoming Fall semester and it was painful. I ended up spending about $400 USD just on books. One of them was $200 USD. With the extra money I had left I went on a small shopping spree. I bought about 3 figures and a few DVDs. I also preordered the U.S. version of the Lucky Star OVA DVD. I got it for $11 USD over at Right Stuf.

WOW, this was a boring post. I will have something a little more exciting and some news on some updates that are coming soon.

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