Your Parents and Anime

I discovered something interesting the other day. The other day, my mom wanted to use my laptop to check her email and I told her it was okay if she wanted to use all day. When she was done, she forgot to close a web page. That web page was an Amazon search result on the DVDs for the classic shojo anime, Candy Candy.

I confronted her about the mistake she made and she tried to deny the truth ,but she could not. I asked her when she started watching anime. She replied saying since the late 70's, but she stopped watching when I was born. She told me that the last anime series she watched was Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu and that her favorite anime was Grave of the Fireflies. I asked her why she hid it for so long and she told me that she did not want to feel that she forced her kids to like the same things as her. Now I know why she was angry when my uncle introduce me to anime when I was 6 year's old. I joked with her that maybe being an anime fan is genetic and she laughed.

I have friends who their parent hate anime because they don't understand it or they treat it as it was a phase. I feel very lucky that my mom does understand my hobby but there are some things that she does not get, like moe and the big boobs. So, what do your parents think about anime?

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