Akihabara@DEEP: The Movie

Let me first say that I'm a big fan of the J-drama, Akihabara@DEEP. When I found out a movie was made I was ecstatic and I found if it was going to be similar to the drama. The only thing it is similar to the drama are the characters names and I'm glad that it's different.

We are introduced to the characters along with their job title and yearly salary.

If you already noticed, there are two big differences so far. First of all the cosplayer of the group Daruma was omitted from the film and Izumu is a male. If you have seen the J-drama, Izumu is a cute girl but the film is closely following the novel.

This wacky Willy Wonka like man is the series villain. For someone who does silly things, is one sick and twisted bastard.

Can you spot the lazy detective that should be solving crimes.

In the film, the main characters meet for the first time at Yui's funeral. Page, Box, and Taico decide to make an IT company and Izumu and Akira later join. They decided to create a search engine that is projected to be bigger that Yahoo and Goggle. Nakagomi want to buy it from @DEEP but they refuse. However, Nakagomi ends up stealing it and @DEEP wants to take it back.

It is just wrong what is on the other side of that glass.

The biggest difference between the film and the J-drama is that the film is much darker.

There is a really screwed up torture scene that Page and Taico endure.

Even thou it's dark, it still has that @DEEP charm that we all love.

I recommend this film due to the great character development, the twists, and the interesting meaning behind it.

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