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For those who did not know, Blue Drakon from 2 Old 4 Anime? held a contest in celebration of his 100th blog post. I decided to try my luck and let me just say that lady luck is on my side because I won. A few days had gone by and yesterday, I found a nice box on my doorstep addressed to me.

Let's see what's inside.

The original Last Exile box set that includes a mouse pad and a limited edition Alvis E. Hamilton figure. I have been wanting to watch this anime, I'm going to watch it on my last days of summer vacation.

The original Elemental Gelade box set and soundtrack. I'm giving the soundtrack to Kararu-Chan because she's a fan of the series.

Thank you very much Blue Drakon. I have been wanting to watch these 2 anime series for a long time.

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