Koharu Biyori Review

Well, for the next 3 weeks I'm going to watch as much anime as I can before classes start. I have about 158 anime to watch and I don't know where to begin. So, I'm randomly picking anime and Koharu Biyori was first. I want that hour and thirty minutes back.

Takaya Murase is a young man who lives alone. One day, he decides to buy a robot maid to help him out with daily chores. The thing is that the robot picked him.

This is Yui, a cute robot maid. I don't know why but there is something that doesn't feel right about this anime. Lets see what else this anime has.

A harem of cute girls,

Tentacle rape,

and the male protagonist has a big figure collection. This anime is an otaku's wet dream.
When an anime is specifically made to target otaku who are into maids, robots, and the other stuff listed above, there is nothing good about it. Koharu Biyori has no substance to it. It is nothing but fan service. It has stereotypical episodes that include, the cosplay battle episode, best robot maid contest episode, beach episode, and the feel good finale. This anime is Mahoromatic done horribly bad. The funny thing about this anime is that it is self-aware that it will be compared to Mahoromatic because there are several cameos of Mahoro. There is one funny part in the anime. It is when one of the characters breaks the fourth wall by pointing out that they are in an anime. I save you the trouble of watching this anime and took the scene shots for you.

Click the image below to see it larger.

I think that human and robot marriage is not legal

I recommend this anime to 14 year old boys who want nothing but fan service in their anime. For everyone else, avoid this anime at all costs. I think smoking crack is a better idea than to watch this crap.

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