Lucky Star & DMC Manga Review

I originally was going to only review Detroit Metal City, but I decided to throw in Lucky Star. Both of these manga series are comedies, have successful anime series, and have a big fan base. But lets see which one comes on top.

Lucky Star Review:
Either you love it or you hate it. Ok, I can't make a review that is 8 words long. We all know that the manga came out before the anime, but I personally prefer the anime. The delivery of some of the jokes do come up stale if you have already seen the anime. I know that it's a 4 panel manga and the jokes are supposed to be quick, but still some are a hit or a miss. The character design is almost the same except for Konata. Konata's character is actually better in the manga because she looks much cuter. I know that this manga is not to be taken serious, it is meant to be for a quick read from time to time. I recommend this manga to those who are a fan of Lucky Star and want more from it.

Detroit Metal City:
First of all, I did not expect the DMC manga to be released in the United States anytime soon. When I heard that it was released, I thought that Dark Horse picked it up. However, I was surprised that Viz Media licensed it because of all the profanity, the crude humor, and the overuse of the word "rape"(it is repeated over 90 times in the first volume)this manga has. This has to be the funniest manga I have read in a long time. Hell, it is even funnier than the anime. I have met people who dislike the manga when I tell them the plot but as soon as they are done reading it, they love it. If you can get over the bad language, I recommend this manga. If you are still not convinced, it also brings some sweet temporary tattoos.


I'm glad to see more manga that have a big fan following being released in English. So, what are your opinions on these two manga?

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