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I have always wanted to modify my PlayStation 2 since the first time I was my friend do many years ago. Just knowing that I could not play some great Japanese games that never hit American shores annoyed me. I want to add a mod chip to my PS2 but I suck at soldering and I was afraid of messing up. Now that I'm older and wiser in my abilities, it's modding time.

Since I still suck at soldering, I'm doing the flip cover mod.

Flip over the PS2 and remove the screws. For those who have not seen the inside of a PS2, here it is. WARNING: If you open your PS2, you will void the warranty.

What you want to do next is to get rid of the disc tray cover. Those small screws are pretty tough to get out. When you are done taking off the disc tray cover, install the flip top cover.

Finished product. This mod allows me to do the swap disc trick without a problem.

If you are wondering, there are flip top covers for both the original and slim PS2. There was one thing that was not said on the site I bought my flip top cover, which is the right cover for your original PS2. I got the second version by mistake but with a little modifications, it fit just fine. I'm glad that now I am able to play any PS2 game without restrictions. So, have you modded any video game system or do you like to play it safe?

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